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Why do people buy life insurance?

Life assurance is not for you but for your family. Life insurance provides peace of mind by knowing that should you pass away unexpectedly, your loved ones will not suffer financially. The prime reason for buying life insurance is when you care deeply for someone and your present financial strength won't be able to fill the financial gap in case of your death.

In the case of your death during the policy's term, the insurer will pay your family a lump sum of cash or a replacement income. This can help your loved ones in the following cases:

- To pay off outstanding debts like your mortgage, credit card debt or a personal loan. In the case of a mortgage, a decreasing term life insurance can cover a percentage or the whole outstanding balance of the mortgage in case of your death so your family won't have to worry about losing their home.
- Cover final expenses, including medical, funeral and burial costs.
- To replace your income so your family can keep its lifestyle.
- Take care of childcare.
- Provide money to fund the college education of your kids.

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