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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why use oneLifeCover?
Thanks to our independent position in the market we are able to offer you quotes from multiple of the UK's leading life assurance firms. We act as an introducer for UK market brokers, by comparing the market they can offer you a range of quotes and options tailored to your individual circumstances. This approach can give you a better picture of the market, allowing you to save money without compromising on the level of cover you desire. Our service is free and provided with no obligation to accept. oneLifeCover does not provide financial advice, we put you in touch with an authorised adviser.

What happens after I submit your form?
Your data will be reviewed by life insurance experts to search for deals that suit your circumstances. You will then be contacted by e-mail or telephone to confirm your requirements and to offer advice on the plans that suit your needs in terms of level of cover and cost effectiveness.

Do I have an obligation to buy?
Of course not, all our quotes are provided on a no-obligation basis.

What is life insurance?

Why get life insurance?

How much does life assurance cost?
The premium depends on a lot of factors, primarily on how much cover you want, the type of cover (level/decreasing/increasing/whole of life), the term of the cover and the type of premium (guaranteed/reviewable). Other important factors include your age, whether you smoke, your occupation, medical history, etc.

Is my data secure with oneLifeCover?
Yes, we comply with Data Protection Act 1998 to protect your personal data.

Do you provide financial advice?
oneLifeCover does not provide any advice on its own, we work together with authorised advisers to whom we send your request.

Why choose us?

We compare the market for you!

Our team of experts compares the market and lets trusted insurance providers compete to serve you.

Fast response and expert guidance

We will contact you asap with an overview of any offers available, on a no obligation basis. Our experts will search and compare dozens of life insurance plans from all trusted UK insurers to provide you a quote for our best cover tailored to your personal circumstances.

 Let us compare life insurance for you!

Apply now for a quick and easy life insurance quote. Our team of brokers will help you find our best life insurance policy tailored to your personal circumstances.

   Our providers search great deals for you.
   Top brands, top deals!
   No fees, no-obligations.
   Safe and secure.

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